A Proud Part of Grande Yellowhead Public School Division

In Case of an Emergency

Local services available such as ambulance, police, hospitals, air evacuation, search and rescue. In case of a fire or other emergency, please report to the muster points on site.

Phone Numbers


  • 911 – Each building has a land-line. You may also dial 911 from the pay phone on the south side of the Barn (closest to the creek). Cell phone coverage is spotty and the best reception is on the Den deck, or on the lawn in front of Lodge.
  • Non-emergency but urgent assistance (animals on site, false fire alarms, etc) contact the Jasper National Park Dispatch service that is available 24hrs a day. Jasper Dispatch – (780) 852-6155
  • Palisades office – (780) 852-6192 (regular office hours are 8:30 – 4:30, Mon – Fri)
  • Seaton Hospital – (780) 852-3344
  • There is a phone in each building. Cell phone coverage is spotty and the best reception is on the Den deck, or on the lawn in front of Lodge.

Emergency Response

Includes a site-specific Emergency Response Plan that covers steps taken if someone becomes ill/injured.

Who Does What

  • Palisades Education Team is trained to at least a 40 hr wilderness first aid level and can treat injuries to their level of certification
  • Resources – first aid kits and a first aid room with bed and supplies
  • If patient requires higher level of care, they will be transported to the hospital in Jasper, approx. 13 km away
  • Should the patient be away from easy roadside access by car or ambulance (on a nearby trail, for instance), the Palisades staff will call for the assistance of the Parks Canada Public Safety Team. This team will bring the patient to roadside for evacuation by ambulance. Ed Team staff will be present to hand the patient off to higher level of care or, in case of a minor injury, to a teacher who assumes care of the patient.
  • The Education Team must fill out a Hazardous Occurrence Incident Report for all injuries.
  • The school is responsible for transporting a patient and teacher to the hospital. This transport depends on the severity and urgency of the injury as determined by the Ed Team and/or the teacher. The options are:
    • Use the bus or hired transport used to shuttle students
    • Use an additional support vehicle that is with the group when the bus is not available (ie if the bus and driver leave the site or are unavailable overnight)
    • Hire a taxi to transport patient
    • Call an ambulance
  • We defer to the individual school policy regarding accompanying patients to the hospital but it is assumed that a teacher will accompany a patient.
  • After hours or on self-guided trips, the teachers are responsible for first aid and requesting an ambulance.
  • For medical evacuations and other emergencies, including a lost or runaway student, building fire, wildfires, train derailment, Palisades staff access the Jasper National Park emergency response resources by phoning 911 or using radios to call Jasper Dispatch. This initiates the appropriate support and resources to manage larger scale emergencies.