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Education Programs

Education Programs

There is a variety of curriculum-linked, education program options available at the Palisades Stewardship Education Centre. 

For further information, see the tabs at the top of the page or click on the links below.

  1. Credit Programs (grades 10 - 12) 
  2. Elementary School-aged youth (grades K - 4) (grades K - 4)
  3. Middle School aged youth (grades 5 - 9)
  4. Enrichment Programs (grades 5 - 12)
  5. Summer CALM Course (grades 10 - 12)

Programs may be delivered in French (except for summer CALM course).

For specific program information and sample schedules, please contact Education Coordinator centrepalisades@pc.gc.ca


5min Fieldtrips GEOEC

Virtual Education Programs


(grades 7 – 12, except where noted)

These interactive, virtual 45-minute presentations aim to inspire a stewardship ethic for Canada’s protected heritage areas. They are modified from programs normally delivered at the Marmot Learning Centre at Marmot Basin ski hill or at the Palisades Centre. These presentations are part of our curriculum-linked programming.

  • Avalanche!
    Learn the basics of avalanche awareness. Identify dangers related to mountain recreation in winter and understand how to be prepared.
  • Winter Work
    Investigate winter career pathways and participate in an activity related to your own future path.
  • Emergency Situations  
    Identify the hazards involved in winter travel and find out how to manage the risks and help yourself and others if things go wrong.
  • Sharing the Valley
    Understand the challenges of managing visitor activities in natural spaces and find out how Parks Canada protects species-at-risk from the mountain top to the valley floor.
  • Find it Outside
    Discover the benefits of getting out into nature through strategies like adventuring, mindfulness, and storytelling. 
  • Stewardship & Project Planning Grades 10+
    Students define stewardship and learn various approaches to effective project planning, including SMART goals, the W’s, and steps to success. This interactive presentation includes examples of environmental stewardship projects that Palisades students have participated in.
  • Stewardship Dilemmas Grades 9+
    Discover how the mandate of Parks Canada guides activities that may and may not be done in Jasper National Park. If you were asked to provide advice to Parks Canada on the park management plan, what would you tell us?
  • What Time is it? Caribou Time! Grades 3 - 7                                                                                                         Has time run out for woodland caribou in Jasper National Park... or can you help to save an endangered species? Uncover the reasons why caribou are disappearing and what is being done to help herds survive and hopefully, thrive in Jasper National Park! 
  • Wildlife Mystery: Who’s Been Here? Grades K - 2 (30 minutes)
    Put on your wildlife detective hats and decipher the evidence that wildlife came by. Students will decide who left their mark on the wintery landscape.
  • (W)interactive Wildlife Safari in Jasper National Park Grades 3 - 5
    Fasten your seat belts and let’s fly into some remote areas in Jasper National Park to discover what animals are home there.