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High School Credit Programs (Grades 10-12)

Two Types of Programs Offered:

  • Option One (1 Credit) - Single Career & Technology Studies (CTS) Courses
  • Option Two (2+ Credit)- Clusters of Career & Technology Studies (CTS) Courses 

​All experiential education courses involve an intensive stay at the Palisades Centre!

  • All programming is delivered by Parks Canada employees in a safe, engaging environment.
  • Courses are a blend of mountain recreation and natural science.
  • Alberta students successfully completing these courses receive up to three Alberta Education credit equivalent units for their high school transcript.
  • Pre immersion activities are supplied.

** For specific course pre and post immersion activities, contact the Education Coordinator: 


Option One - Single Career & Technology Studies (CTS) Courses

Single CTS Courses  (2 days, 1 Credit)

  • ENS 1010 - Introduction to Stewardship
  • HSS 1080 - Leadership Fundamentals
  • WLD 1010 - Introduction to Wildlife
  • WLD 1060 - Wilderness Navigation
  • WLD 1130 - Outdoor Survival Skills

Curricular Links: ENSWLDHSS

Sample Single Courses 

HSS 1080 - Leadership Fundamentals 

Students are faced with team challenges that promote critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and leadership skills.  Mountain recreation adventures help students reflect on their leadership qualities and what it means to be part of a team.

WLD 1130 - Outdoor Survival Skills  

Students explore Jasper National Park and learn useful life-long skills such as trip planning, animal safety, tool use, and working together to plan and execute a safe outdoor adventure.

Option Two - Career & Technology Studies (CTS) Course Clusters

Course Clusters (4 days, 2 credits)

Leadership and Outdoor Skills

  • HSS 1080 - Leadership
  • WLD 1130 - Outdoor Survival Skills   

Leadership and Survival Skills- Sample Schedule

Winter Bundle - Wildlife and Navigation 

These CTS credits are earned in a winter based program.  The activities conducted during this 4 day course may vary between snowshoeing, cross country skiing, hiking and downhill skiing at Marmot Basin (extra cost for downhill skiing). The students spend much of their time outdoors applying skills they learn on site.

  • WLD 1010 - Introduction to Wildlife
  • WLD 1060 - Wilderness Navigation

Wildlife and Navigation- Sample Schedule